This range of Clock is the wonderful gift options for those who respect the importance of time. Accessible in numerous specifications, this array of product is made of best grade MDP, glass, leather, PP and iron. This array of product can be accessed in digital and quartz analog type mechanism based options. Accessible in standard and custom made features, this collection of Clock is perfect for those who are fond of timelessness of art. This timepiece is accessible in table mounted, wall mounted and ceiling hanging design based specifications. It is powered by built in battery that has long life span. Its batteries can be replaced easily. Long lasting housing design, rust and stain protected surface, ease of maintenance and installation are its key factors.


1) Offered collection of product deserves praise for its accurate time measurement method.
2) Application of quartz analog and digital mechanism
3) Accessible in numerous shapes and designs
4) Offered in wall mounted and table standing design based specifications
Product Image (TT-008)

Dancing Paper Weight Clock

Price: 247 INR/Piece
  • Size:90x30x115
  • Color:Red
Product Image (TT-018)

Ball Shape Paper weight With Clock

Price: 540 INR/Piece
  • Size:83x83x75
  • Color:Maroon
Product Image (TT-005 Deskstop Clock with a Globe)

Deskstop Clock with a Globe

Price: 937 INR/Piece
  • Size:100x100x150
  • Color:Sliver
Product Image (TT-004 Spring Clock)

Spring Clock

Price: 300 INR/Piece

Spring Clock

Product Image (TT-003 Cricket Deskstop)

Cricket Deskstop with Clock

Price: 585 INR
  • Color:Maroon Golden
  • Size:190x75x110
Product Image (WC-016)

Round Wall Clock

Price: 600 INR/Piece

WC-016-88681-3D WALL CLOCK

Product Image (WL-036)

Wall clock

Price: 600 INR

WC-036-M2027B-PF CLOCK

Product Image (DC-068)

Digital Clock

Price: 375 INR/Piece


Product Image (DC-053 )

Digital Clock

Price: 187 INR/Piece


Product Image (DC-026)

Apple Shape Clock

Price: 330 INR


Product Image (DC-044)

Flip Clock

Price: 600 INR


Product Image (DC-014)

Heart Shape Table Clock

Price: 225 INR

DC-014 Heart Shape Table & Wall Clock

Product Image (DC-013)

Table clock

Price: 225 INR/Piece

DC-013 Table And Wall Clock

Product Image (DC-001)

Clip clock

Price: 90 INR

Dc-001 Clip Clock With Message Holder

Product Image (DC-002)

Digital Clock With Pen Holder

Price: 300 INR/Piece


Product Image (DC-007)

Photo Frame Clock

Price: 375 INR

DC-007 Clock , Photo Frame With Pen Holder

Product Image (DC-006)

Digital Table Clock

Price: 255 INR/Piece


Product Image (WC-038-M2011B)

Picture Frame Clock

Price: 800 INR